About the Khanij Online PMU

Khanij Online – A web based Integrated Mines and Minerals Management System for effective administration and regulation of mineral resources in the state of Chhattisgarh. The project was launched on 21st June 2017. Being a web-based portal empowers each registered Stakeholders [lessee, licensee, traders, Industries, vehicle owners and transporters] including regulatory Govt. officials. The key features of the project are AUTO APPROVAL based dispatch permissions, SINGLE CLICK ONLINE PAYMENT of Royalty, DMF, NMET  and remittance of amount in respective accounts/heads in T+1 DAY, REAL TIME ASSESSMENT with automatic generation of Demand/Credit note (e-Wallet), Apply “From Anywhere to Anywhere”, Enact IT based SOP, End to End Tracking of Minerals, Ease of doing Business, Simplify Mineral Administration, Effective realization of Revenue & curb leakages etc..

Won National e-Governance Award for Excellence in Government Process Re-Engineering For Digital Transformation in the year 2019.

Please note that the last date to receive applications would be 12th August 2020. i.e. 21 days from 23rd July 2020.