FAQs for candidates applying for roles at NATGRID

1. Is NATGRID a part of the Home Ministry?

Yes. NATGRID is an attached office of the Ministry of Home Affairs

2. Are all the positions based in New Delhi?

Yes, all the positions advertised would be based in New Delhi except the posts which are marked as DR. DR posts are based in Bangalore.

3. Is the engagement a full-time responsibility?

Yes. The engagement is a full-time responsibility with regular office timings applicable to all Government officials at NATGRID. Consultants cannot take up any other assignment whether part-time or after office hours during the engagement period.

4. Are consultants eligible for leave?

Yes, consultants are eligible for leaves as per the approved policy which can be carried over to the subsequent months.

5. Is the contract extendable beyond the period of engagement notified?

Currently there is no such provision.

6. Will selected candidates be provided Government accommodation, car and other benefits etc.?


7. What are the next steps and if selected when am I expected to be on board?

While the details will be communicated by NISG, being a project which is time critical, it is expected that the selected candidates will join NATGRID immediately.

8. Are consultants eligible for a re-location claim in case selected /joins?


FAQs on travel reimbursements of candidates appearing for the interviews to be held for the roles at NATGRID

  1. The candidates appearing for the interview needs to fill in the attached form along with all the document proofs mentioned in the form.
  2. Limit of entitlement is to a maximum of Rs.20000/- or as per actual, whichever is lower.
  3. For train ticket, limit of amount is 2nd AC or below as per actual whereas for Air, the limit is to only economy class.
  4. No claims can be made for travel from railway station/airport to residence or place of interview.
  5. Where the travel time required is within 6 hrs, only train/ bus travel is permitted.
  6. No Convenience/Facilitation charges charged by the travel agencies will be reimbursed.